Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sleeper and the female fronted Indie band !

Indolent Records had many great bands over the Britpop years but my fave were Sleeper no contest!
I remember watching the chart show and watching the video for "Delicious" and finishing work and going straight to our price to buy the single.I had the poster on my wall from the nice people over at Select magazine and the T-shirt from my local record shop (Torre records) and i wore it with pride.Of course this was before the internet so myself and friends set our video recorders to tape Top of the pops, Chart show and the O-zone  for all the goss and Videos ( i secretly had my own sleeper VHS i made!!! ).With Louise and the sleeperblokes in full swing it seemed to open the flood gates for other female fronted bands (I still have the clipping from NME with louise wearing the t-shirt).
Elastica with "Stutter" and "Connection", Echobelly with "Insomniac" and "I Can't Imagine the World Without Me" and Salad with "Motorbike to Heaven" to name just 3 bands were all bought on 12" and getting airplay on Radio 1 and starting the momento for the Britpop revolution!.It was a good time for young British bands and for us kids who thought it would never end!.

They don't make them like this any more !!

Link to Sleepers Debut album "Smart":

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