Monday, 1 August 2011

Oh What a lovely day ! ........... Thurman

Underrated is a word that is commonly used to described many of the britpop bands that i write about but Thurman stands out as one of the foremost of the bunch and the band NME touted as the New Blur!.

I saw these lads open for menswear in 1994 and they had me and all the other spotty teens hooked. Ok so a few of the songs sound like someone else ( "Loaded" is "children of the revolution" and "cheap holiday" sounds like "chemical world" and i wont even go into  "now i'm a man") but that didn't matter to me because these songs meant more to me than anything written in the 60's and 70's!

Rooting through the 7" bargin bin i found a copy of the single Famous that had been placed in there by mistake but i managed to grab it at 99p anyways. And what a single it was, from the opening piano riff to the lyrics about a certain famous Indie front man of the time!, the single was a classic even if my copy was a little warped and crackled all the way through !!.

So with a handful of singles under their belt they released their only album "Lux". With its plagiarism of more well known songs and styles (Mod, Glam and pop) they only lasted 2 years and then disbanded.
Don't listen to what the press wrote at the time, go and have a listen to Lux, its stuffed full of singalong tunes and every track could of easily been a single.

Thurman weren't just another band they were a band who wore their influences with pride, They WERE one of the Underrated bands of the 90s that never got to shine. But for people like me who actually got to see them play live they meant the whole world for those couple of years and defined our music direction for many years to come.


  1. Hi Gavin
    First off,thanks for joining 13Afternoonblog.Think you will find some goodies on there.Plenty to go at !!
    Just checked out your youtube page and saw you have The Dandys videos.I remember watching this band live many moons back.Great band.Any chance of a link for the album on here sometime.?
    Warren has just posted a new comp of mine on the 13Aft blog if your interested by the way.
    Cheers Gary

  2. Cheers mate and here is the new post for the Dandys: