Wednesday, 8 June 2011

But I just wanna cut some rug....... The Bluetones

The 1st time that i heard "Are you blue are you blind"i thought it was an instant classic from a small band on a small Indie lable that i never heard of!.Well it was an instant classic and after a few months after its initinal release it was like rocking horse shit to get hold of a copy (Thank you Martian records Exeter! ). So the 1st gig for me was at the Cavern Club in Exeter with support from the amazing "Perfume" joined by my partner in crime "Mr Geoff Williamson". We entered the building and went straight to the bar (slightly under age i might add).Well thats most of what i remember of the gig as we got far to drunk and kinda laid down on the floor in front of the stage. My only memory of seeing the band at this gig was when Geoff asked if i could see who was playing  and im my drunken state my reply was "i think its the Bluetones as i can see a Blue light!!"

This happened several times and it wasn't until years later that i actually got to see the band play in a sober state and true to form they were Brilliant. I always thought that the Bluetones were one of those bands who not only could write a great tune but were very talented musicians "Just like the band Gene!".

Well 17 years later and 6 albums the Bluetones have just announced that they are to disband and go their septate ways. Its sad really because they are one of those bands that can take me back to when i was 16 and thought i was  invincible and the Britpop invasion would never come to an end. As im writing this i am listening to "expecting to fly" and remembering those NME  front covers claiming the Bluetones were the next best thing and will be remembered  for many years to come.

This may be the 1st time that the NME got it right !!!.

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