Sunday, 5 June 2011

Communication is a let down... Shed Seven

Would you give blood if you had any ??.........

I still remember it was a summers day 1994 and i was on the way to Exeter to see my 1st shed seven gig. On the way we were all singing the Lyric "And I'll take your car And never bring it back But please paint the door I don't like green anymore" and arguing weather the door was green or grey!!!!!.

"Change giver" was the album that defined my teenage years and is still one of those albums that can take me back with a single guitar riff!.Shed seven ment the world to me and the music they made will always mean"Indie".
Melody maker branded them a part of the "new wave of the new wave" of bands to emmerge in the early 90's including S*M*A*S*H, These animal men and Elastica to name but a few. From hearing their 1st single "Mark" on radio 1's the evening show (When radio 1 was good and championed new music!)  i thought they were the most amazing thing i had heard (i think up to that point the only albums i owned were the spin doctors and Ugly kid Joe").
With the release of their 2nd single "Dolphin" the Britpop Movement started to gain momentum and pushed The Sheds into the limelight and even to this day i will only think of one song when i hear the bongos play. I remember seeing an advert in Melody maker with the upcoming 2nd album "In colour" and trying to pre order it from Our price and being told i couldn't as it hasn't been made yet!!......Cheek!
Well the 2nd album was eventually released in 1996 and was titled "A maximum high" and i bought the 12" and played it over and over and over that evening and made a copy on tape for my dads car for the week.

With a total of 4 studio albums and 17 singles The sheds Disbanded in 2003 but continue to play reunion shows every now and then.

As rick Witter sang "The world revolves around me!"  and for a few years it did....well for me anyways!!

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