Wednesday, 22 June 2011

We'll all go down in history ......... Whiteout

Our price, Coloured 7" vinyl , NME, Select magazine and Melody maker.......... THAT was my 90's

And so were Whiteout, They were one of the only bands that i never got to see and will never get to either. If i was to make a Britpop mix tape Whiteout would be on it around 4 times. With tracks like Jackie's racing, No time, Cousin Jane and Altogether they were one of the bands that defined Britpop for me.

Once again i found myself one rainy Saturday afternoon tuning in to The chart show on Itv because this week was the Indie chart. And along comes Whiteout with their new single Jackie's racing with its country overtones and hugely infectious chorus, and i couldn't resist. It was down to our price straight away for me. I remember the sales person behind the counter  said that i really must have really been into my music if ive heard of Whiteout! So with the thought of being a bit of a muso and having a fresh copy of the Jackie's racing single firmly in hand i headed back home to play it to death. And what a fantastic single was and still is, just check out the song Cousin Jane.

Even though Whiteout were short lived they did produce one of the definitive Britpop albums from my point of view. From the opening track Thirty eight all the way through to Untitled the album Bite It was a breath of fresh air with an album cover that i will never forget ( i always liked munchies!! ). They were the second band to be signed to the Silvertone label after the Stone roses releasing 7 singles and 2 albums. The last album to be released was called "Big wow" when we now find the band as a 3 piece after singer Andrew Caldwell left. The album was 3 years in the making and for me it was well worth it!.

On my 1st listen of "Big wow" i had a feeling that they were ready to split after listening to the closing track Back where i used to be. For some reason it was one of those songs that sounded like a goodbye song!
And in 1998 they split and was the end of the band and for me signalled the end of Britpop.

Oh! and if any of the so called Indie bands of today want to actually write a good song for once just take a listen to the track "Running for cover" on Big Wow to see how it should be done !!.

They sang about going down in history and for many people like my they really have.


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  1. thanks a lot for posting "Big Wow"....i have all of Whiteout's stuff on 7" and CD....but it is stashed away at my parents' house in Detroit. been looking for the stuff on MP3. It's a shame they just vanished from view....cheers!----Syed Druglord