Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Im breaking away ......... Syndicate

Cant remember much about The band Syndicate* to be perfectly honest. I remember buying the single "Free me" because it sounded all Madchester and to this day still sounds excellent. I do remember the band being championed by the likes of Oasis, the Real people and a couple of the Daily papers.

Their only album "The smile says it all" was released in 1997 and for me at the time contained all the elements for a fantastic album :

1) Mod groovs
2) Shouty bits !!
3) Baggy Moments that you could shake your air drums to !

All in all its a pretty cool album for the arse end of Britpop as at this point in time it started to fade out and tastes were changing.

Check out the song "Free me" for a Britpop, Heavy, Baggy hybrid.