Monday, 17 October 2011

Haven't seen you in a long time........ Perfume

When you stick a Britpop bands name in Wiki it always starts with this line :
"Name of your britpop band"  WERE a British indie group from ....... blah blah blah !!!!!

Thats right here we have another band that for such small amount of time shined so brightly in my eyes but faded away with the scene that they were the forerunners of!. Yes people i bring to you the fantastic PERFUME. 

Now to me the band reminds me of Fantastic drunken times spent with 3 of my best friends of the time Angela, Kelly and Geoff and the summer we spent at the glorious Glastonbury in 1995. I remember buying a 12" of the single lover from a record seller at the back of select magazine for £3.99, this was after seeing the band perform  if my memory serves me well alongside the bands "Thurman" and "Menswe@r" at the cavern club Exeter in late 1994. I cant really remember the gig as i was steaming drunk from the cheap white lighting they were selling at the bar.  This was the way it stayed at every gig i saw perfume play until the Phoenix festival in 1996 where on one occasion i didn't drink so i could actually watch the band play!.  And from what i can remember it was a brilliant gig that spanned all the singles and tracks form the Debut album "One".  All the singles i had from the band was on the Aromasound label which was their own label to get their songs out there until they teamed up with Big star To release the album "One".  They toured with some of the best small bands of the time like Thurman, Powder and Menswe@r and on to support Gene and they even managed to get on to Paul Wellers "Nottinghill" publishers.  In 1997 along with the release of the album "One" they re issued a re recorded version of "Lover" and their last single "You and i". In the latter of 1997 they split along with releasing a Best of album "Yesterday rising"

So once again we have another band that should have been bigger than they should have been, but for me they influenced my music and music tastes forever and helps me remember some of the best friends and time i will ever have.

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