Thursday, 10 April 2014

What is this feeling?........ Speedy

Can you mix power pop with clever lyrics and trumpets?
In 1996 you could and you could make it sound like the best thing to ever float into your ear.  Today I am going to write about a band that started its journey in the middle of the Britpop movement but did not reach the heady heights of the other bands surrounding them.

I would like to introduce…… Speedy

So its 1996 and we are roughly midway through the whole Britpop thing and a band emerges from nowhere to release one almighty Britpop anthems. In my opinion they were the greatest lost Britpop band, well not lost as such as myself and many, many others found them and held on tight awaiting their debut album. What’s the sound of Britpop? Blur, Oasis, Pulp? Well no actually to me Speedy captured the spirit of the whole thing and made a sound that resonated through the entire movement. They had the crunching guitars, clever lyrics, trumpets oh! And they had a female drummer Bronwen Stone who I fancied the hell out of!

So signing to Arista in 1996 they would go on to release a string of classic singles including Time For You, Anytime Anyplace Nowhere, A Day In The Life Of Riley, Time For You and the classic Boy Wonder. I remember seeing the band on a kids show performing Boy wonder and it was one of those rare moments when you knew the song instantly even though it’s the first time you’ve heard it. It’s a fantastic slice of pure pop on its purest form and a perfect example of what Britpop was about in its song writing and its delivery.  But alas as most things Britpop the band were dropped before they had a chance to release their debut album even though it had been recorded. The band slowly faded away around the later part of the 1990’s until…….

They seem to be back, well sort of.
The band have finally been able to release their debut album and it’s found its way on to iTunes.  The band played the Sheffield Leadmill at the beginning of April this year to support the release of the album and have no further plans to reform.

So get yourself over to ITunes and purchase a piece of Britpop that never was (But should have been). In this album you will find a band who were never truly let to shine and band who were at the top of their game even before that started. Some bands stumble through life writing mediocre music with albums full of filler but in Speedy you find a band who had a knack of writing hit’s that were never meant to be.

Some bands have luck and some have talent, have a guess where Speedy are placed.

News from Nowhere

Download the album from iTunes

Boy Wonder

Anytime, Anyplace, Nowhere

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