Friday, 7 December 2012

I can't imagine the world without me....... Echobelly

Oh my god just another girl fronted band !!!!!!

Louise Wener may been right wearing a t-shirt with this slogan in 94 just as a sleuth of female fronted bands washed over the British music papers.  One of these bands would capture the hearts and minds of many teenage boys (mine included!) and would be the fore runners of the female Britpop scene along with bands like Salad, Elastica and Catatonia.

I would like to introduce Echobelly.......

Emerging in late 1993 with the ep "Bellyache" lead singer Sonya Madan and her merry band burst onto the Flowering British music scene that would soon blossom into what we now know as Britpop.  Jangle power driven pop with a tongue firmly in cheek lyrics with the most beautiful vocal of the whole Britpop era.
Gaining more followers through  1994 with the single "I can't imagine the world without me" and  their debut album "Everyone's got one", Echobelly was growing in popularity not just with The British public but with bands like Rem who requested for them open for the band on tour. With the hype surrounding British bands at the time Echobelly went into the studio to record the follow up album "On" and released what i think is their greatest single  "great things".
I remember fondly sitting infront of the telly and watching them perform on top of the pops and if i remember correctly they were one of the only acts to actually perform live! All 3 singles from "On" went top 30 ( you must remember for an indie band in the early 90's to get into the chart alone was a feat!).  This is when things started to look dark for the band, with health problems and band members falling outs new members were moved in for the 3rd album "Lustra".  We would not hear from the band for a long time until the release of  "people are expensive" in 2001 and "Gravity" pulls" in 2004 both albums on the bands own label "Fry up".

Then it went quiet !!!!

Until 2009 when Madan and guitarist Johansson staged an acoustic show featuring old and new material with a possible new album AND a change of name.

So it seems the name Echobelly has been laid to rest and been replaced with the new name "Calm of zero"

Just to keep us on our toes !!!

You paying attention?

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