Monday, 1 July 2013

Every silver lining has a cloud ......... The supernaturals

Some of the best bands of the Britpop era were on the parlophone record label. I remember buying the latest DJ promo singles from the local record shop, all had the same sleeveless surrounds with the red "parlophone" label on the insert. One such band were the supernaturals who hit us with a string of upbeat summer pop songs starting with the infectious single "smile".  Hailing from Scotland they scored a record contract with parlophone in 1996 and released 3 top 40 singles and a re-release of their 1st single "smile" before they gave us their debut album "it doesn't matter anymore" in May 1997.  The album was a top 10 hit which complimented the summer like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. Bursting with singalongs and humorous songwriting that tapped into the British psych at the time and with cheeky music videos that never seemed to be off the chart show. Another two albums followed with "A tune a day in" in 1998 and the strange synth pop influenced "What we did last summer" in 2002

To this day I stand by the fact that the single "Sheffield song" taken from the album "A tune a day" was the last ever britpop single!  I remember when I first heard it I knew the scene was over as it felt like a goodbye song, and not long after ............ It was.


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